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About us

Sun Valley Certification Clinic is owner run and managed because we understand how important it is to deliver the highest quality patient care. We don't leave your appointment in the hands of anyone but our most experienced staff.

We have built our clinic to provide you a safe, legal, confidential, and comfortable experience.

  • We built our waiting room with comfortable seating and WiFi access to make your stay with us easy. (But we carefully maintain our schedule so you won't spend much time there.)
  • We work with only the most qualified and caring of doctors.
  • We maintain your medical records in a digital format for the safest way to store and retrieve your records in the future.
  • We alert you when your card is about to expire to prevent a delay in your medication cycle.
  • We never hide fees or surprise you with undisclosed costs.
  • We don't charge to retrieve your medical records.
  • And, unlike our competitors, we assist you in the entire application process -- we make it as easy for you as possible to navigate Florida's Medical Marijuana Program.

We believe that medical cannabis can serve as an excellent treatment option for qualifying patients. It is our utmost goal to assist you in legally obtaining your Florida Medical Marijuana card.